5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your iPhone 8

When looking only the looks of the iPhone 8, there is no remarkable differences when compared to earlier iPhone models like iPhone 6 or 7. From the inside it isn’t all the same – Apple has developed several new features. These new features allow doing completely new things with your iPhone.

So – here is the list of 5 amazing things that you can do with your iPhone 8!

AR – Augmented Reality

Probably the most astonishing new feature in iPhone 8 is it’s ability to function with AR apps. There is no need for multiple cameras or sensors – AR apps simply use the rear camera of iPhone 8.

Because AR technology is still quite new and unused, the number of apps that take advantage of AR increases all the time. AR creates completely new ways to play games, learn and shop. It is also useful in daily life – for example you can measure things easily without measuring tape.

Widely known furniture retailer IKEA has launched its own AR app. IKEA Place offers 3D-models of IKEA’s furniture and with the app the user can locate these models to real surroundings. You don’t have to buy a certain sofa or chair and transport it to your living room to see if it fits. You can simply use IKEA app to do the exact same. With the app it’s naturally also possible to buy and order the suitable products.

Powerful Photo Editing

iPhone 8 has Apple’s new and powerful A11 Bionic processor and an upgraded camera. These features make the phone an excellent tool even for a professional photographer.

With the right apps you can easily and quickly make your photos look fantastic and professional. App store has great collection of photo editing apps – here’s one that we recommend for you to try:

Photofox is one of the coolest new photo editing app. It combines the simplicity of mobile editing with the power and countless number of features of desktop app like Adobe Photoshop.

Images can be edited in layers, which is crucial in professional photo editing. With the app it is quite easy and effortless to create unique designs with graphic elements.

The app itself is free but contains purchases.

4K Video

iPhone 8’s camera is one of the most powerful smartphone cameras. One of its finest features is the possibility to shoot 4K video 60 frames per second. iPhone 8 is the smartphone market’s only device that can do this for now – even many full-fledged SLR cameras can’t do the same.

What is more, iPhone 8 can also do excellent slow-mo 240 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

If you want to explore your camera settings, go to Settings > Camera.

Portraits with Portrait Lightning

Apple introduced the astonishing Portrait Photo mode in iPhone 7 Plus. Now in iPhone 8 Plus the things are taken to the next level with Portrait Lightning.

In a nutshell – you can still took excellent portrait photos with blurry background but with iPhone 8 there is more. You have a possibility to add special lightning effects, just like you were taking photos in a studio.

The best part is that when you’ve taken the photo with Portrait Mode, you can change the lightning settings afterwards to achieve the best possible outcome.

You can customise the light settings of portrait already taken by choosing the portrait from Photo Gallery and simply pressing Edit. You’ll see Portrait Lightning wheel and by rolling that you’ll get to know what different settings do.

Screen Recording

The new Apple phones come with native screen recording built in – there is no need for third-party apps.

This new feature can be accessed in Control Centre with a simple swipe up and tap. Although the icon is not in Control Centre by default but it’s possible to add it there from iPhone settings.

You can add the Screen Recording to Control Centre as follows: Settings > Control Centre > Screen Recording.