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Lorena’s team makes sure customers won’t have to wait long for their iPhones

When a customer orders a phone from Swappie, it passes through the hands of Lorena Anthony and her co-workers.

Lorena Anthony leads the outbound team responsible for deliveries at Swappie’s Helsinki facility. The team makes sure that the customers get their phones quickly.

“All orders placed by customers are dispatched straight away by Swappie. Every single phone available on the website is ready for use on the shelf. In Finland, the customer receives it in 1–2 days and to Italy, for example, the phone is delivered in 2 or 3 days,” says Anthony. 

Swappie employees dispatch refurbished iPhones in two shifts. Customers want to get their phones quickly, as they often need them urgently if, for example, their old one has broken.

Swappie is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The growth is directly reflected in Anthony’s work. 

“I’ve been working at Swappie for a little over a year now. During that time frame, the number of phones we process has greatly multiplied,” says Anthony. 

In 2020, Swappie established online stores in many new European countries. New markets typically start with a couple of deliveries, but soon the volumes increase. 

“For example in Germany, the growth has been massive. Recycling is really appreciated there. On a broader scale, it seems that people are starting to think about the electronic waste generated by their products,” says Anthony. 

Quality guaranteed by a 52-step inspection process

All phones sold by Swappie are factory refurbished and come with a 12-month warranty. When a used phone arrives at Swappie’s facilities, first it goes through a 52-step inspection process. A technician checks all of the phone’s functions one by one: does the touch screen work? Is the battery in excellent condition? Does the speaker crackle? How about the microphone? Are colours displayed correctly?   

Before a phone is ready for sale, the technicians check once more that it functions properly. The warranty is given based on the fact that the phones are in prime condition when they leave Swappie.

Once a phone is refurbished and fully functioning, it is put on sale on Swappie’s website. Swappie grants an extensive 12-month warranty for all of its refurbished phones. 

“Swappie’s in-house service and maintenance technology is impressive and is constantly developed further. Many phones that previously would have been discarded as waste get a new lease of life,” says Anthony. 

The warranty provides protection for consumers

Many consumers have bad experiences with online flea markets selling phones. Swappie’s CEO, Sami Marttinen, founded the company due to a bad personal experience purchasing a used phone. 

“The goal of our work is to make buying a used phone feel the same as getting a new one. The phone comes in a neat box and the warranty makes buying worry-free,” says Anthony.

The number of Swappie employees in Helsinki is growing alongside the company. The aim is to continue conquering Europe, as more and more people want to make an environment-friendly choice when buying a phone.

Recycling is the most effective way to reduce your smartphone’s environmental footprint. The majority of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by a smartphone are generated during manufacturing.

“The best thing about the job is reducing waste. It’s great to go to work in the morning,” Anthony says. 

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