A phone’s resistance to water, splashes and dust is not a permanent feature and tends to decrease with normal wear. Being a reconditioned used product, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the IP67 or IP68 certification remains valid. For this reason, any damage from liquids cannot be covered by our warranty. To prevent damage from liquids, we recommend you avoid the following: Swimming, bathing or going to the sauna with your iPhone. Exposing the iPhone to pressurised water or at high speed, for example while taking a shower, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, jet skis and so on. Intentionally immersing the iPhone in water. Using the iPhone in temperatures that are not within the recommended range or in extremely humid conditions. Disassembling the iPhone or removing screws from the device. Please note that this list is also only an example and not exhaustive.
Yes, all of our phones are unlocked! This means that they are not tied to any service provider,  so you can start using your new phone right away.
We ask that you do not send us any accessories with your phone – the phone is all we need. Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot resell any phone accessories. Including your headphones, case, charger, etc. will not raise the price you will receive for your phone.
Unfortunately due to the high turnover of our stock, we cannot reserve individual phones for our customers.
Absolutely! Just fill out a sales form for each phone separately and pack them in individual parcels. You will get a printable DHL shipping label for each parcel once you’ve filled in the sales form. We will cover the shipping fee.
All our batteries retain a minimum of 80% of the original capacity, which Apple has declared sufficient for normal, good battery performance. Apple's lithium-ion batteries are designed to hold at least 80% of their original capacity for a high number of charge cycles, which varies depending on the product.
As the seller, you are responsible for backing up any important information on your phone and erasing all personal information before selling it. You can erase your phone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. We also erase every phone that we receive. You must also disable Find My iPhone before sending us your phone by going to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Find My > Find My iPhone. Alternatively, you can do this by logging in to wwww.icloud.com/find and removing the phone from your Apple ID account. We do not purchase phones that have Find My iPhone turned on. If you need any further help with erasing your phone or disabling Find My iPhone, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.
Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver to the UK.
We currently only buy and resell Apple iPhones. We do not sell any other devices.
No, we don’t. We use equivalent parts that have passed Swappie’s thorough quality control process.