We ship orders all over Europe via DHL. If you’re located in Finland, you can also choose to pick up your order from our store in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.
Our condition categories apply to the appearance of the phone and determine how much wear and tear the phone has sustained. Different condition categories are easier to understand by thinking that phones that have the condition ”like new” correspond to phones that are new. Step by step the condition declines from ”like new” to ”worn” and the signs of wear increase. There are never cracks in the screens or camera lenses of our phones. All phones are fully functional and you have a 14-day right to return or exchange the phone if you’re not satisfied with the condition.
Swappie warranty covers technical issues with the phone. These issues include but are not limited to problems with the camera, microphone or speaker. You can read more about our warranty here. The extended warranty covers any and all of the issues covered by the standard warranty for an extended period of time (3 years).
You can pay using a credit card or PayPal.
All the phones are packed into our own Swappie packaging coupled with a USB-lightning cable and a SIM tray opener. Unfortunately, the power adapter, headphones or the headphone jack adapter are not included in the package.
We add products to our website daily. We recommend that you keep an eye on our website in case a phone you’ve been looking for becomes available. Our customer service is happy to help if you have questions regarding product availability.
Selling and buying a phone are at the moment separate actions, and unfortunately, we cannot give a direct discount into a new phone. This is due to the fact that we will first inspect the phone and pay the selling price always via bank transfer. We recommend you first to order the new phone and sell the old one once you have received the new one.
Unfortunately, due to the stocking of spare parts, we don’t buy some specific models. However, we will update new models to our selling page from time to time.