Why iPhone 7 Is Still A Great Choice in 2018

Every year Apple and other phone manufactures release new phone models. Despite that the earlier models stay in the market. Is it wise to buy the older model in cheaper price or should you buy the newest addition to iPhone family? In this article we introduce few reasons why buying iPhone 7 (released in 2016) is still a good choice in 2018.

Affordable price

When people are buying new smartphone, price is the most important thing to many. “How do I use the phone?” and “What are the most important features to me?” are questions that should be considered when making a budget. The most expensive phone in the market isn’t the best phone for every type of use.

It’s been two years since iPhone 7 was released and it’s price is now 600-700 euros, if you want completely new phone. Refurbished phones are also an option and of course then the price is even more reasonable.

Apple’s new flagship model iPhone X costs something around thousand euros – double the price of refurbished iPhone 7.

Excellent colour selection

iPhone 7 comes in five astonishing colours: silver, gold, rose gold, piano black or jet black.

iPhone 8’s and X’s colour selection is lot more narrow: for example iPhone X comes only in two different colours.

Touch ID

Apple introduced iPhone biometrics in 2013 when iPhone 5s was released. First time Apple’s iPhone had fingerprint recognition which especially provided easy way to lock and unlock the phone.

iPhone X has display from edge-to-edge, which means the beloved Home button is history – and with Home button goes also Touch ID. Instead of fingerprint the phone is possible to unlock with facial recognition.

Not all the users have been completely satisfied with the new Face ID and some of them still miss Touch ID – badly. It’s told that Face ID works slower and more unreliable compared to Touch ID.

iPhone 7 has good old Touch ID.

Compact size

By physical measures iPhone X is multipurpose and compact smartphone. Display is 4.7-inch and clearly bigger than for example iPhone 5 generation’s phones. Compared to earlier iPhones the length of the display is bigger which for example provides one more row of apps to Home screen.

If you want bigger phone but with iPhone 7’s features, there is always the Plus size model iPhone 7 Plus.

Excellent display

There is lot of hustle and bustle about OLED displays. OLED display works without a backlight because it emits visible light. Thus, it can display deep black levels and can be thinner and lighter than LCD display.

Also Apple uses OLED technology in iPhone X.

iPhone 7 has liquid crystal display (LCD). Many comparisons and tests have nominated it to be the best LCD display in the market and it has mesmerizing colour and perfect contrast.

DisplayMate, website specialized in displays and video diagnostics find out that iPhone 7’s display is the sharpest ever measured LCD screen. https://www.cultofmac.com/445998/iphone-7-display-best-lcd-ever-tested/

Top Design

Let’s face it: Apple’s iPhone is beautiful phone. They are thin, shiny and streamlined – simply beautiful to look at.

Like other iPhones, by it’s design iPhone 7 is also modern and up-to-date.

Many users like the design of iPhone 7 even more than iPhone X. iPhone 7 has constant bezels around the screen and no “notch” on the top like iPhone X. The notch can be problematic for example when watching videos in landscape mode.

Newest operating system at your service

iPhone 7 runs the same operating system as the other iPhones – iOS. This means that with iPhone 7 you get the same app ecosystem, same functionalities and same updates straight from Apple.

This fall Apple is launching new operating system – iOS 12. Here you can read what will change. https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/4/17417730/apple-ios-12-iphone-update-best-features-wwdc-2018

Astonishing cameras

All the Apple phones have great cameras by which the users can take excellent photos and record mesmerizing video.

iPhone 7’s camera isn’t significantly inferior to iPhone X’s camera. Both of the phones have 12-megapixel rear camera and optical image stabilization.

iPhone X’s camera is slightly more polished and contains few features that iPhone 7’s camera doesn’t. For example, with X it’s easier to take photos in more darker circumstances.