12-month Swappie Warranty™ – faster and more comprehensive than Apple’s own warranty!

Swappie always provides a 12-month Swappie Warranty™ for all phones– free of charge! Thanks to the comprehensive Swappie Warranty™, you can rest assured that the product will work with 100% certainty. Our warranty is faster and more comprehensive than on Apple’s new phones, as it covers practically everything except for mechanical damage.

You can also extend the warranty to 3 years in total by selecting the extended 3-year warranty when making your order.

For example, the following services are included in our warranty:

  • Guaranteed fast repair service. Upon receiving the phone/device, we will begin the repair process immediately within 24 hours.
  • Free fault diagnosis. All our customers receive free fault diagnosis, regardless of whether the device in question is covered by Swappie’s liability for defects.
  • Free replacement device. if we are unable to return the device to its earlier condition, you will receive another corresponding device as a replacement.

Since we test and repair all our phones, you can confidently buy a phone for the price of a used one, but with the safety of a new phone. Our warranty even covers more faults than the manufacturer’s warranty. For more detailed information about the Swappie Warranty™, please read our Terms and Conditions.
In addition, we have a 14-day right to return if you are not satisfied with the device you purchased.