Why to buy used and refurbished phone instead of new?

A refurbished smartphone from Swappie

Many people wonder, whether to buy Swappie’s refurbished phone instead of  a brand new phone. In this article we will discuss why a choosing used and refurbished phone is an excellent choice.

1. Phones work like new at a lower price

All of Swappie’s products work as well as new ones. If the phone experiences any malfunctions after the purchase, we will fix the phone. This promise includes all the models we sell. The only difference between a new phone and Swappie’s phone is the outer shell. Our best product category “Like new” means that the phone is cosmetically and technically exactly in the same condition as a new phone. We also offer other condition categories, which have slightly more cosmetic markers. Naturally the price decreases substantially as the condition category decreases. Most of the signs and scratches are barely noticeable. Even the signs of wear in our lowest condition category “Acceptable” can usually be hidden under a protective case.

All in all, Swappie’s phones work as well as new ones in all of our condition categories. The main reason why the iPhone’s body is left unchanged, also in factory repaired -models, is that the iPhones main components are built around the phones body. Therefore, changing the body is extremely expensive and is not without heavy reasons. The screen and parts, that after inspection require fixing, are naturally changed!

Affordable price opens new possibilities when choosing a new smartphone. If the budget is predetermined, Swappie’s prices provide more bang for the buck. From Swappie’s broad selection, you will find just the right model for your needs.

2. The phone’s lifecycle is longer than people think

Phones having a short lifecycle is a common myth. Refurbished phones work equally well compared to new ones when repaired and refurbished by a skilled professional. When damaged parts are replaced with new ones and the battery is changed, the phones lifecycle increases to whole new level.

After thorough inspection and refurbishment, Swappie’s phones always have a battery capacity between 80-100% of the original capacity, regardless of the condition category. As a result of the refurbishment the phone’s lifecycle begins again from the start. For example, we still sell iPhone 5s – models even though the model is already 5 years old. Simply put: the phones age does not matter as long as the maintenance is done properly.

3. Long and extensive Swappie Guarantee

Because we carefully repair and refurbish the phones we sell, we can offer a long and extensive guarantee. Swappie provides a 12-months guarantee for every phone regardless of the condition category. During this period, you will certainly find if the phone has any possible faults.

For comparison: Apple only offers 3 months guarantee for new exchange device and 12 months guarantee for new phones. Our guarantee is more extensive because it does not stop applying due small signs of wear. We don’t tease our customers with long warranty service times or complicated terms. We instantly switch the phone with a new equivalent one. No more waiting for a new phone for weeks. This applies to all models, unless the faults stem from buyers own misuse, like the phone getting wet or breaking the screen.

4. Cheaper and safer service then online flea markets

You can save hundreds of euros, when you buy a refurbished phone instead of a new one. Choose the best phone for the best price.

As we repair and refurbish a huge number of phones, we can offer cheaper prices than private sellers in Amazon or eBay. Buying from online flea markets can possess multiple risks for the buyer. The phone might be stolen, have water damage or have damages that you might not instantly notice in test-usage.

5. A refurbished phone is an ecological choice

Naturally: it is always more ecological to buy refurbished phone than a new phone.

The small electronics inside smartphones also contain small amounts of noble metals. Thus, reusing them is a service to the environment. When more and more people opt for a refurbished smartphone, the usage of rare natural resources decreases.

6. No risk – Money back guarantee for 14 days

People often shy away when it comes to buying a refurbished phone for the first time. However, the process does not have to differ from buying a new phone. As with new phones, a refurbished phone can also be bought from an online shop with home delivery.

We offer our customer’s 14 days full money back guarantee. You get your money back if the product does not meet your expectations or if you want to change the model. Buying from Swappie is just as safe as buying a new phone from anywhere else.

7. Cherry on top – A neat box

Many people buy and wish smartphones as Christmas or birthday present. If a phone come as a present for a child for example, the packaging plays an important role. All of Swappie’s phones are packaged professionally in neat and stylish boxes.

Whether you buy a new phone or a refurbished one from Swappie, the feeling you get from opening a new package is always there.

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