Our Story

The story of Swappie began in 2015 when the Finnish founders of the company, Sami and Jiri, tried to buy a used phone from an online flea market. However, a seller with a trusted profile turned out to be a professional cheater and never delivered the product he was selling. Sami and Jiri noticed that they weren’t alone with their problem. There is a growing interest in buying used equipment, and online flea market scams have become increasingly professional. Towards the end of 2016, enterprising merchants who tested various business ideas began building a marketplace that makes buying and selling used smartphones easy and safe.

Now a fast growing team of over 200 people is working on the Swappie Mission. We want to provide our customers with a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to upgrade their phones. Swappie’s work is primarily customer-oriented and we emphasize openness and the importance of learning in our work.