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Earth Day! Swappie Closes the Loop in Electronics

Every few weeks, the tech world is buzzing about the latest and greatest devices with “must-have” features. Phone manufacturers and service providers tell us that we’re “due for an upgrade” and social pressure makes us want the newest smartphone on the market. But what impact is this having on our planet? Whe...

Lorena’s team makes sure customers won’t have to wait long for their iPhones

Swappie employees dispatch refurbished iPhones in two shifts. Customers want to get their phones quickly, as they often need them urgently if, for example, their old one has broken.

Can a robot install a tempered glass screen protector? Swappie is exploring the possibilities of automation and robotics

Swappie is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Now, they are considering which stages of the refurbishment process could be automated to allow their employees to focus more on their personal strengths.

Swappie refurbishes iPhones at their Helsinki facility – a 52-stage inspection guarantees quality

Did you know that Finnish company Swappie sells phones refurbished at its own facilities in Helsinki? Phones that arrive at the facilities pass through the hands of several professionals before reaching the customer.

Anna, a watchmaker from Bavaria, now repairs phones at Swappie in Helsinki

Sometimes a factory refurbished iPhone from Swappie can even be in better condition than a brand new one. This is the case with some iPhone 7 phones, for example, that have an inherent fault due to motherboard damage. Swappie's microsoldering team can fix and reinforce the motherboard to make the phone work and it can be used without worr...

Why It's Smarter To Buy A Refurbished iPhone Rather Than A New One

Here are six good reasons why you should opt for a refurbished iPhone from Swappie:

How to Sell Your Old iPhone: The Complete Guide to Selling Your iPhone to Swappie

If you are considering selling your old iPhone, you are in good company. More people than ever are selling their outdated phones to maximize the return on their initial investment and to preserve our environment. But if this is your first time selling a pre-owned cell phone, you may have a long list of questions. Below are some of the mos...