What is Swappie?

Welcome to a new type of electronic retailer that combines the best features of online flea markets and online stores. Say goodbye to all the hassle involved with buying or selling your next smartphone! With Swappie, you won’t have to contact sellers, agree to meet, or risk being scammed.

Swappie.com is a safe and secure online store that offers little-used and fully functioning smartphones at an affordable price. All of our phones have been tested and repaired using a rigorous process and the newest technology. Our precise quality control allows us to provide a warranty for every phone we sell.

Swappie’s phones compared to normal used phones:

Swappie Used
52-part technical testing process
12-month comprehensive warranty for all phones
1–3-day fast delivery and purchasing without any extra hassle
Device repaired or replaced if any faults surface while the warranty is valid
Phones refurbished before being sold
World-class customer service
14-day right to return
100% safe and secure service

Buying works just like in any other online store

  1. Choose a phone from our wide selection.
  2. Pay with your preferred payment method.
  3. Receive the phone within 1–3 working days.
  4. Enjoy your new phone!

What do the condition categories mean?

All phones sold by us have gone through an extensive and rigorous testing process. They are all refurbished, so you can trust that the phone and battery work just like they should. All our batteries retain at least 80% of their original capacity, which Apple has declared sufficient for normal, good battery performance.

  1. Like New: The phone is practically untouched and looks like a brand new phone.
  2. Very Good: The phone has a very tidy appearance. It may have a few tiny scratches or signs of wear, but nothing major. The phone is fully tested and works like new.
  3. Good: The phone may have a few signs of wear, such as scratches, scrapes or other marks. There are no cracks in the display. The phone is fully tested and works like new.
  4. Acceptable: The phone has notable signs of wear, such as scratches, dents or other marks. There are no cracks in the display. The phone is fully tested and works like new.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our Help Centre.