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Earth Day 2024: Be a little bit better

At Swappie, we believe it’s the small things done often that have the greatest impact. We don’t need a few perfect people, we just all need to be a little bit better!

Here are some top tips from Swappie’s employees on what they’re doing to be a little bit better:

1. Walking!

Simple and effective, Swappie’s community coordinator Emma Wheatley recommends walking over using a vehicle. It’s good for your health – and the environment!

2. Considered Consumption

Karin Armgarth, marketing manager for Swappie in Sweden, suggests taking a breath before you purchase – and asking yourself, “do I really need this?” Easier said than done, but great advice for shopping with intention.

3. Choose the veggie option!

Our Head of Northern and Western Europe at Swappie, Moona Pohjola, takes the veggie option when eating out. The production of meat is a notable contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so choosing to avoid consumption where possible is a small change one can make to be a little bit better!

It’s the small things done often that have the greatest impact

4. Bike to work

Janne Korpela is VP Markets at Swappie. He says that biking to work sets him up for the day. Just like walking – it’s both good for your health and the environment!

5. Choose food that might be going to waste if not consumed

Jeppe Olsen, Swappie’s Marketing Manager for Denmark, suggests that when shopping you choose supermarket produce that is closer to it’s expiry date. By buying this food, that might otherwise go to waste, you’re helping reduce food waste and the negative effects this has on the environment.

There’s no need to be perfect. Just a little bit better.

Of course one of the simplest things to do, with the biggest impact, is to choose a refurbished iPhone over a new device.

78% of the CO2 emmissions connected with smartphones are created during the manufacture of a new device, so cutting out this side of the process has huge benefits. E-waste is the fastest growing form of waste on the planet – so selling your old iPhone on when you’re finished with it is another great way to do a little something for the environment. When you sell your iPhone to Swappie, you’ll get cash or money off your next refurbished device so it’s a win-win!

Why not try it today?

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