Yes! Our online store is open around the clock and we are fulfilling orders in our facilities as usual. As always, our customer service is happy to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call or send us an email at [email protected]
Not at the moment. Postal deliveries operate as normal and our packages are being delivered on time, despite the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. We’ll keep you updated on this page in case any disruptions in Swappie’s deliveries occur.
The coronavirus has not affected our warranty processing times. There have been some internal delays, however, due to the availability of certain replacement parts, but we have managed to fix the problem by arranging replacement shipments. Our warranty service processes phones within 2–4 days of receipt.

Update on COVID-19

First of all – we are grateful for your trust in Swappie and for being our customer! On this page, we will be keeping you updated on the most recent information about COVID-19 and its impact on Swappie and our customers.

The Swappie team is working hard to do what is best for both our customers and employees, as the situation concerning COVID-19 continues to develop. Swappie’s deliveries to customers continue and we are doing everything necessary to ensure our customers and personnel stay safe. We will continue to monitor all recommendations made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local authorities as we continue to work hard to keep our services and operations running smoothly during this challenging time.

Swappie safety

We control and monitor the phone refurbishment process fully in-house in Helsinki and can therefore ensure that the entire process, including working with phones, spare parts and packaging, complies with the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation and local authorities. To keep both our personnel and customers safe, we are taking extra caution, and continuing to clean all products and sanitise our phones before sending them out to customers. According to studies, the chance of the COVID-19 virus contaminating packages is very low, but we are applying sanitiser on those too before shipment. 


Our shipping partners continue to deliver Swappie orders to our customers as normally as possible. In case any disruptions occur in our delivery service, we will inform you about them on this page as soon as possible.

Customer service

We are happy to continue to respond to any queries or questions you may have. Please be patient, however, as there is a very large volume of calls and emails coming in while we continue to operate as normally as possible.

The Swappie team

Our teams are prioritising remote work when possible, hand sanitisation and changing our ways of working to adjust to the situation. 

Our best advice to everyone echoes what the experts are saying: apply social distancing when possible and wash your hands thoroughly and often. Oh, and our own addition, be kind – we’re all in this together!