Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Batteries

In Apple's signature iPhones, the battery tends to be a bit of a mystery box. Unlike some of its competitors, it's non-removable, so you have to trust that what you get is actually good. A great-looking iPhone with a bad battery won't help you in your search for a new smartphone.

How to sanitize your smartphone to reduce the risk of coronavirus

Read the best tips on how to sanitize and disinfect your smartphone.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X: Finding the Perfect Phone for You

It's worth dragging out some data in order to decide whether you want to upgrade to iPhone 11 or go for iPhone X if you don't already have it. Here's some information on how the phone's match up so you can see which one might be right for you.

A Complete Guide to Refurbished iPhones

Even if you've purchased an iPhone before, It's possible that you've never heard of refurbished phones. They combine many of the most positive qualities of both used and new phones, often making them the best option for those who want both lower pricing and quality. Here are some common questions and answers concerning refurbished phones,...

Apple announces the new iPhone models – how will they affect Swappie's prices?

On this year's annual event, Apple launched three new phone models: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. The question remains: how will the new models affect Swappie's prices?

The iPhone X vs iPhone 7 – Which One Should You Choose?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone X are both currently among the most popular iPhone models available. Both phones are much cheaper now than they were at their launch. Should you upgrade to the iPhone X or choose the more affordable iPhone 7? Let’s go over some of the differences and see which one is the right one for you.

Is the iPhone 7 Still Worth Buying in 2019?

In 2016 when Apple released the iPhone 7, it became extremely popular and captured 80% of the smartphone market profits. But is the iPhone 7 still a must-buy in 2019? Take a look and find out!

Which One Should You Buy: The iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are somewhat similar but they also have some pronounced differences. So, which one should you buy? We've put together a list of things to make the choice easier for you.

Myth-Busting Refurbished Smartphones

We need your help. That’s right, YOU. Swappie is on a mission to make refurbished mainstream, but there are 5 myths standing in our way. Which is why we need you to eliminate those misconceptions by becoming a real-life myth-buster. (That’s right, a myth-buster, not a ghost-buster…unfortunately).

Apple’s Product Launch and Swappie’s New Prices

Apple released the much-talked-about new iPhone models a few days ago. These models are the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. As expected, the prices are rather high. The most expensive model, the iPhone XS Max 512GB, costs a whopping €1679.