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How to record your screen on an iPhone: 3 easy steps for screen recording

Have you ever wanted to record the screen of your iPhone? In order to do this, you might be tempted to start downloading sketchy third-party apps that require access to your phone’s screen and settings. 

Luckily with the iOS 14 and newer operating systems, you can now record the screen of your iPhone with Apple’s built-in screen recorder. We’ll walk you through the steps to enable the screen recording app and instruct how to use it. 

Step 1: Add the screen recorder to the control centre

First you need to add the screen recorder to your iPhone’s control centre. Simply slide down your finger down starting from the top of the screen to access the control centre. With iPhone models that are older than the iPhone X, you can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

To add the screen recorder to the control centre, go to your iPhone’s Settings. Then, press “Control Centre” and “Customise Controls”. At the top of the view, you’ll see all of the tools you have already included in the control centre. Scroll down the list of different controls and locate “Screen Recording”.

Once you have found the “Screen Recording” -control, press the green plus sign next to it. This adds the screen recorder to your control centre and you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Start recording your screen

You’ll now find the screen recorder in the control centre after enabling it in the settings.

To start recording, press the Screen Recording symbol depicting a circle and wait for the short countdown. If you wish to record your voice as well with the screen recorder, press and hold the Screen Recording symbol and then press the microphone button to turn on and off sound recording.

After the recording has started, you will see a red symbol in the upper-right corner indicating that the screen is being recorded. 

Step 3: End the recording

Once you wish to end the recording, open the control centre and press the Screen Recording button again. Now, to access the recording, simply navigate to your photos and start watching the recording of your screen.

Summary: Record the screen of your iPhone or iPad

Now that you know this handy trick for recording the screen of your iPhone you can use with Apple’s iPad devices as well. The Screen Recording tool is a handy alternative for simple screenshots and lets you record your device’s screen without having to resort to any additional third-party applications. 

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