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How to sell your iPhone online

You might have heard of different services that offer to buy old iPhones and other used smartphones – and they are even willing to pay money for your old device. However, what to do if there are no such services where you live? Or maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle of going to a physical store and having your old phone first evaluated for its value. Luckily you can sell your old phone online as well!

Many have learned to be suspicious of various online stores that sell and buy used products, such as smartphones and other electronic devices. However, at Swappie you can sell your iPhone online without the fear of getting scammed. We are a reseller of refurbished iPhones with more than 700,000 happy customers so far. We would like to buy your old phone too. Read more to find out how you can sell your phone online.

How does selling phones online work?

The process of selling your old, used or even broken phone online can be easy and simple–if you choose the right place to sell. You do not have to visit any physical stores or take your phone anywhere to be evaluated. Everything is done either electronically online or by mail. Because we offer to cover the shipping costs of your phone, you do not have to worry about extra fees that may come out of it either. We even evaluate the price of your old iPhone online!

How to sell your old mobile phone online?

Here is how to sell your Apple iPhone at Swappie:

  1. Start by answering a few questions about your phone. We use these to evaluate the value of your phone. This gives you a better idea of your iPhone’s value as well. In order to evaluate how much your old phone is worth, tell us its model, storage capacity and general details about the device’s condition.
  2. If you are happy with the price we offer for your old phone, fill in other details such as your name and address. After this, we will send a shipping label to your email. Make sure to also clear your iPhone before selling it.
  3. After we have received your old phone, our professional technicians will inspect it and check if your estimation of the phone’s condition is accurate. In case everything is good, we will send the payment for your phone. When everything is in order and your old phone is as you estimated, you should expect to receive the payment 1–4 days after we have received your phone. 
  4. If, on the other hand, there is something wrong with your estimation, we will send you a new price offer. You can either accept the new offer or ask your phone to be sent back. Just like sending your phone to us, the delivery does not cost you anything in this case either.

Is selling my phone online safe? 

It is understandable to be cautious when buying and selling used phones online. However, at Swappie you can be assured that you and your phone are safe. We are not just some shady marketplace where you can never know what kind of a device you will be getting. 

We ask you to turn off the Find My iPhone -feature before sending us your phone. This way the phone cannot be tracked. On top of that, we erase your old iPhone completely before it is refurbished and sold forwards. Swappie also has more than 900,000 satisfied customers in more than 15 countries. Don’t believe us? You can read more on the Reviews-page.

What happens after I have sold my phone to Swappie?

After we have bought your phone and sent you the money, we will then refurbish the old device and sell it forward. This way we can significantly expand the old phone’s lifespan, making Swappie a friendly choice both for the environment and your wallet. 
Did you know that we also sell refurbished iPhones online? You can save money and the environment by choosing a refurbished iPhone rather than a brand new one. You can check out all the refurbished iPhone models we offer.

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