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Swappie’s story

Swappie’s story began in 2016, when the company’s Finnish founders, Sami and Jiri, tried to buy a used phone from an online flea market. However, the seller, who had a trusted profile, turned out to be a professional scammer and never delivered the product he was selling. Sami and Jiri then noticed that they weren’t alone with this problem. There is a growing interest in buying used equipment, and online flea market scams have become increasingly professional. Towards the end of 2016, the two enterprising merchants, who had previously tested various business ideas began building a marketplace that makes buying and selling used smartphones easy and safe.

Now, a fast-growing team of over 850 people are working on Swappie’s mission. We want to provide our customers with a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to upgrade their phones. Swappie prides itself on its customer-centred approach, and places great emphasis on openness and learning from every interaction.

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