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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13: a 2024 perspective

Today, we’re throwing it back to a classic match-up: the iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13. With newer models on the block, why look back? Because gems are often found in the most unexpected places.

Design and durability

Both models sport the beloved sleek design, with the iPhone 13 refining its predecessor’s sharp edges and aerospace-grade aluminum frame for a more comfortable grip.

In 2024, these designs still stand the test of time, blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of their newer cousins.

Tables for easy comparison

Key Specs Comparison: iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13

FeatureiPhone 12iPhone 13
Display6.1″ OLED Super Retina XDR6.1″ OLED Super Retina XDR, Brighter
ChipsetA14 BionicA15 Bionic
CamerasDual 12MP (Wide and Ultra Wide)Dual 12MP (Wide and Ultra Wide), Sensor-shift OIS
BatteryUp to 17 hours video playbackUp to 19 hours video playback
Storage Options64GB/128GB/256GB128GB/256GB/512GB

Looking for an in-depth analysis of the iPhone 12? Check out our comprehensive iPhone 12 review to see if it’s the right fit for you. We delve into the phone’s performance, camera capabilities, and overall value, making it easier for you to understand how it stands up in today’s market and why it might be the perfect device for your needs.

Display technologies

The iPhone 12 and 13 feature Super Retina XDR displays, but the iPhone 13 enjoys a brighter boost for outdoor visibility and a slight improvement in battery efficiency thanks to its more advanced panel.

While the iPhone 15’s display technology has leaped forward, the iPhone 13’s enhancements over the 12 are still appreciated by many.

Performance benchmarks

The jump from the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 to the A15 in the iPhone 13 brought noticeable improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

In 2024, this means the iPhone 13 remains snappier in everyday tasks compared to the iPhone 12, a difference that becomes more pronounced when stacked against the A16 and A17 chips of the latest models.

Camera systems: a look back

iPhone 13 fine-tuned the photographic capabilities introduced with the iPhone 12, offering sensor-shift stabilization across the board and improved computational photography.

These enhancements mean the iPhone 13 still holds up reasonably well, even when newer models boast even more advanced photography tech.

Battery life and charging: still holding up?

With each generation, Apple pushes for longer battery life, and the transition from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 was no exception. In 2024, the iPhone 13’s battery longevity is more relevant than ever, especially for those looking to keep their charger at bay throughout a busy day.

When choosing a phone for teenagers, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 offer a perfect balance of performance and affordability. Discover why these models are great choices in our iPhone 11 and 12 for teens article. This comprehensive guide explores their features, durability, and why they remain popular among young users, making it easier for parents to make an informed decision.

Software and security updates

The iPhone 12 and 13 continue to receive iOS updates, ensuring they remain secure and feature-packed. While they may not support the latest software features designed for the cutting-edge hardware of the iPhone 14 and 15, they provide a stable and responsive user experience.

Making the choice in 2024

Choosing between the iPhone 12 and 13 in 2024 comes down to your value for performance enhancements, camera improvements, and battery life.

For those upgrading from older models or considering a more budget-friendly iPhone option, the iPhone 13 offers a compelling package that balances cost and capabilities.

Release Price Comparison: iPhone 11, 12, 14, and 15 (Estimated)

ModelRelease Price (EUR)
iPhone 11€699
iPhone 12€799
iPhone 14€799 (Estimated)
iPhone 15€899 (Estimated)

Even with the latest models on the market, the iPhone 13 continues to impress. Read our iPhone 13 review to find out why it remains a top choice. This review discusses the enhancements that make the iPhone 13 a strong contender, highlighting its performance, camera quality, and overall user satisfaction compared to newer models.

In 2024, the allure of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 isn’t just nostalgia—it’s about their enduring value. Amid the dazzle of newer models, these classics offer a compelling blend of performance, camera quality, and battery life that still resonates.

The iPhone 13, with its A15 Bionic chip and advanced camera system, stands out as a particularly smart choice for those seeking a balance between cost and functionality. 

In an era where tech evolves rapidly, the iPhone 12 and 13 prove that great design and robust capabilities can withstand the test of time, making them viable options for a wide range of users.

Their continued software support and compatibility with the Apple ecosystem further cement their status as wise investments in 2024.

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