Is The iPhone 7 Worth Buying in 2019?

First released on September 16th, 2016, the iPhone 7 is inching its way towards year 3. For some ordinary smartphones, that may reduce them to the closet of has-beens. But, the iPhone 7 is anything but ordinary. In 2016, the year Apple released the iPhone 7, they captured 80% of the smartphone market profits. And, the iPhone 7 continued to be the best selling device into 2017.

There’s definitely a reason. The iPhone 7 is an incredibly well-designed smartphone that continues to live up to the hype 3 years later. We already decided that the iPhone 7 was worth it in 2018. But, is the iPhone 7 still a must-buy in 2019? Definitely!

But, let’s take a closer look.

A Look Back At the iPhone 7 Design

iPhone 7 (on left) comparison with iPhone 6s

The iPhone 7 had many of the iPhone 6s charms, but with few changes. With iPhone 7 Apple made its landmark decision to remove the headphone jacks and did some design changes.

The first change — the removal of the headphone jack — was met with some mockery. And the “courage” comment dropped by Steve Cook at the Apple event was met with plenty of memes. Here’s the thing — Apple was sort-of right. Currently, the core group of smartphones on the market have started removing their headphone jacks. In fact, Samsung is quietly removing ads it put up poking fun at Apple now that it has decided to remove the headphone jack on the Galaxy S10.

Not having the headphone jack may seem like an inconvenience. But, with the rise of wireless headphones, the popularity of Apple’s EarPods, and the existence of a relatively cheap dongle, not having a headphone turned out to not really be that big of a deal. Sure, for some users, having to plug that short dongle into their lightning port may feel unnecessary. But is it really enough to count out the iPhone 7?

We don’t think so.

The design itself is gorgeous. The home button — which is now completely stripped on the iPhone X — is no longer clickable on the 7. Instead of a physical click, the phone vibrates in a way that feels like clicking. For those upgrading from previous iPhone models, this may feel strange at first. But if you’ve been using a somewhat modern Android device, this may be what you’re used to.

Personally, we licked the click. But after a few hours of using the 7, we completely forgot that it didn’t click the old way. It becomes second nature.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the iPhone looks and feels a lot like the iPhone 6s. But, with new waterproofing and a sturdier body, it definitely has enough new design qualities to make it worth the upgrade. But what about the screen?

How Does the iPhone 7 Screen Hold Up In 2019

Let’s start off with this. The iPhone 7 shares the exact same screen size and pixels with the 6S. So, it has 1334 x 750 resolution and a pixel density of 326ppi (which is called “Retina” by the Apple marketing crew). But, don’t let the screen size and pixels fool you, this screen is definitely an upgrade. There are two big things the iPhone 7 has going for it. It’s brighter, and it’s got more color.

For starters, the iPhone 7 now supports DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut — which you see used in 4K TVs and on the latest model of iPads. This makes the screen look extremely vibrant, especially when you’re binging that latest Netflix episode or rewatching Game of Thrones for the 40th time on HBO Go.

The screen is also around 25% brighter than the iPhone 6S, which is immediately noticeable. It’s rich colors, and brightness makes it stand out, and it’s definitely an upgrade to the 6S. That being said, it’s definitely not as beautiful as the iPhone 8 Plus’s bezel-less 5.8-inch OLED display that packs a whopping 1,125 x 2,436 resolution.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ll consider this screen good, but not great. If you have any model below the iPhone 7, you’ll notice the upgrade immediately. But if you just broke your 8 Plus, it may look a little dull in comparison. But, at half the price, the iPhone 7 screen is a real bargain.

How Good Is The iPhone 7 Camera in 2019?

With the iPhone Xs arriving on the market sporting dual 12MP wide-angle (ƒ/1.8 aperture) and telephoto (ƒ/2.4 aperture) cameras, it can be hard to discuss any other camera on the market. But the iPhone 7 camera is still incredible. And it’s a real bargain. Not only did Apple keep some of the great aspects of the 6S, but they piled on optical image stabilization (OIS) and made the aperture wider (ƒ/1.8 aperture).

We could say plenty about the iPhone 7’s camera. It looks good when the suns out. The OIS works incredibly well for on-the-move shots. And the images look simply fantastic on the color-rich screen. But, it’s the low-light that takes the cake. Gizmodo called the iPhone 7 “The Best Smartphone For Photos” back in 2016. And most of that was due to the low light.

Final Thoughts

Not only does the iPhone take some killer photos that look impressive on the rich color display, but it takes wonderfully crisp low-light images. And, it shares the same low-light capabilities with some of its predecessors — making it probably the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to smartphone cameras.

The iPhone 7’s Performance in 2019

The jump from iPhone 6S to the iPhone 7 was massive in terms of performance. Benchmarks may have each Apple device outperforming the last (with a strange case of the iPhone SE sitting smack-dab in the middle). But, the single-core and multi-core capabilities of the iPhone 7 are far-and-away better than the iPhone 6S.

The Apple A10 Fusion was a gamechanger for the smartphone industry. And it was the top dog until the iPhone 8 decided to bust out the A11 Bionic. There’s really not much the iPhone 7 can’t do in terms of performance. Want to play a few app games? No problem! Need to edit a photo in Photoshop for mobile? Feel free!

From browsing and gaming to editing and listening to music, the iPhone 7 frees you from the binds of slow interfaces and laggy screens. It’s hard to really get across how fast the 7 was for its time. There wasn’t anything close.

Despite the myths surrounding Android’s performance dominance, the iPhone 7 beat out every other device on the market in performance when it launched. AnTuTu’s performance benchmark put the iPhone 7 at a whopping 174,301 — while the Galaxy S7 Edge scored 158,313. In fact, the iPhone 7 still outperforms many devices with recent launches., such as the Samsung Galaxy A70 and the Xiaomi Mi 8.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 7 still packs a serious punch with its Apple A10 Fusion chipset. It outperforms many smartphones on the market today. Plus, it has an incredible battery to complement those specs.

How Good is the iPhone 7’s Battery Life

With good performance comes poor battery life, right? Not necessarily. The iPhone 7 has a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it has four cores. But it separates them based on what you’re doing. So, two cores are reserved for intensive activities, and the other two are reserved for simple things like checking emails and texting. This helps conserve some energy when you’re performing simple tasks.

The iPhone 7 also simply has a bigger battery than the 6S — giving it an extra push over its predecessors. Predictively, the iPhone 7’s battery isn’t up to par with the 8 or X series. But, it still lasts plenty long.

Final Thoughts 

According to Apple, the iPhone 7 battery lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6. That’s not usually the case. Upgrades to the A10 Fusion chip and a larger battery give the iPhone 7 more oomph than its predecessor. But, more raw power and a better screen can drain it just as fast. In most tests, the iPhone 7 performs around 10% better than the iPhone 6S. Given the power boost, that’s a great deal.

Is The iPhone 7 Worth Buying in 2019?

Yes! The iPhone 7 is an incredible phone that’s currently priced mind-blowingly low. At almost 1/3 of the price of the 8 series, the iPhone 7 is a great smartphone at an even greater value. If you always want to the best-of-the-best, the iPhone 7 may not be for you. But, if you’re looking for a great budget device that lets you do what you need, we say go with the 7. You’ll get an even better value if you shop refurbished!


  • You want a great device at an extremely low price
  • You’re looking for the best value on an iPhone
  • You need power and battery life, but the screen resolution isn’t your biggest concern
  • You love taking photos, but you’re not a photographer


  • You need the best thing on the market
  • You want to take the best possible photos
  • You really need the best screen resolution