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Life happens. Replace your iPhone easily, whatever the reason

Use Swappie Care to replace your worn down iPhone anytime. Choose your next model from our site and get it before sending back the old one.

Starting from €3,99/month

Why choose Swappie Care?

Swappie Care is a replacement service for iPhones. Cracked screen? Bored of the model? Failing battery? When you replace your phone, we cover 90% of the value of a similar iPhone in the condition you bought it in.* Damages or wear & tear of your old phone do not affect the pricing. Choose any model as the replacement!

WarrantySwappie Care
Repair or replace a phone with technical issues**care-green-checkmarkcare-green-checkmark
Replace a phone with low batterycare-red-crosscare-green-checkmark
Swap to a different modelcare-red-crosscare-green-checkmark
Replace an accidentally damaged phonecare-red-crosscare-green-checkmark
Get a new phone first, send the old one back aftercare-red-crosscare-green-checkmark

*If the value of a similar iPhone has increased in our webstore, the maximum compensation is the price you originally paid for your phone.

**Read more about Swappie Warranty

How does it work?

Cracked screen? Bored of the model? Failing battery? Whatever happens, Swappie Care has it covered!

Contact Swappie customer service. You’ll get a voucher for ordering a newly refurbished iPhone from our site!

You'll receive the replacement iPhone and a return kit for the old phone within 1-3 business days!

Pack up the old iPhone and send it to us free of charge! We’ll make the necessary repairs and get it back to circulation!

What am I getting into?

We charge a monthly fee of €3,99 - €9,99 for the service. The size of the fee depends on the price of the phone you buy and does not change during the subscription period. If you replace your iPhone, Care is transferred to the next phone. If Care is no longer to your liking, you can cancel it anytime and there will be no more charges. 

Swappie Care Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Swappie Care for a limited time only after the phone has been bought. Your phone has to be in the condition that you bought it in to be able to subscribe. Message us and we’ll see what is the best solution for your situation.

We replace your device for any reason, whether due to damage or desire to change the phone model, as long as your iPhone has been in normal daily use. Cracked screens and water damage are obviously fine!
Replacement is not possible in case of
  • Theft or loss of device
  • Damages from improper use such as intentionally damaging the device or running the device over with a car
  • Replacing a phone that has been repaired by a company or individual other than Swappie

If you have an active Care subscription, message us and we’ll send you an email with a voucher that you can use to order a replacement device.
You can spend the voucher on any iPhone you want on the Swappie webstore, as long as you cover the excess. Use the voucher at checkout similarly as a discount coupon.
You will receive a return kit together with your replacement phone. Use the return kit to send back your old phone to us.

The voucher is worth 90 % of the current value of an equivalent phone to the one you wish to replace in the condition you bought it in. The amount of wear & tear or damage to your phone does not affect the voucher value. If the voucher is worth more than the original purchase price due to the current pricing on our website, the value is reduced to what you originally paid.

We will make several attempts to charge your payment method. In the meantime, make sure that your payment details are valid and that you have enough funds at hand. Please visit MySwappie to update your payment details.
You can log in to MySwappie with your order number and email address. If you forgot your order number, it can be found in the welcome email we sent you when you subscribed.

Simply log in to MySwappie to cancel Care.
You can log in to MySwappie with your order number and email address. If you forgot your order number, it can be found in the welcome email we sent you when you subscribed.
You can also contact our customer service if for some reason you are unable to proceed with the task yourself.
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